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6CCGD-80 electronic temperature control fried tea pot
規格: 1000×800×1100
顏色: light grey
品牌: Linon
型號: 6CCGD-80
市場價: 4,500.00

The self-developed design electronic board automatically controls the electric heating, which is convenient to use and flexible in control, and is suitable for hand-made various tea leaves.

The special frying tea pot is used, and the temperature is controlled by the electronic board, and the temperature setting is convenient.

Machine parameters:

Pot path:800mm      Use voltage:220V/380V

power:7kw               Weight:120kg

Dimensions (length, width and height):1000mm×800mm×1100mm

Operation method:

(1) Connect the power plug of the machine to the 220v socket;

(2), press the heating switch, adjust the temperature regulator to 200 ° C (according to the choice of tea in different places), then the "ON" indicator of the regulator is on, when the "OFF" indicator of the regulator is on, Start to kill.

(3) When the tea leaves are simmered and shaped, the temperature can be appropriately lowered according to the dryness of the tea leaves.